Vision for 2020 – What Is Your Plan for Staffing?

VisionStrategy is driven by Talent!

Many companies have started working according to their budget of 2016 and their strategic staffing plan process. In lieu of the prevailing market conditions: new demands of technology, disruptive innovation, workforce dynamics, you might want to consider a staffing plan for 2020.

A four-year plan for the incorporation of initiatives, acquisition of new talent, succession planning, development of existing talent and the alignment of their career with the company’s mission/vision and values is essential for any business which aspires to succeed.

Here are some ideas on how you could start the strategic staffing vision:

•    Identifying the few important players from different areas/departments to join the planning team –start asking them to pen down their views &opinions about what they interpret about the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, emerging needs and service expectations, external changes and trends, and critical issues facing the organisation.

•    Reviewing and sharing of the ideas with the planning team and then collectively deciding what are the top three/four critical issues which the organisation can face in the next four years.

•    Identifying the points of common ground and divergence – Choosing of one initiative for each critical issue faced by the organisation and determining how the executions will take place.

•    Determining the right talent for driving this strategy – then roll out the initiatives to each and every leader in your team and then ask them for assessing their own bench strength and also the capacity for execution.

•    Training, developing, promoting, and hiring of new teammates –Revamping of every quarter or evaluating it twice a year based on the complexities of the industry/team.

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