Track Your Time to Get More Work Done

Track Your Time to Get More Work Done Time-Tracking-300x300

From CEOs to management trainees, all of us have the same problem that: We don’t have enough time.

Everyone knows what tasks they are required to do in a day, however do you have any idea how long each task will take? Down till the second?

The first thing you are required to do is to find out how much time each task will take. I mean that how long it actually takes (real time); not that how long you THINK it will take. Some tasks could be like answering emails, time taken to debrief your team.

Following are some of the ideas which can help to track your time:

Toggl: This is a website and an app which will help you in tracking how long your tasks will take.  So the reports that take “only a minute” can be actually counted in real time.  This is a good way for helping your freelancers to record their time as well.  By this way they will know how long it will take to finish their projects, and you will be able to see how much you owe them (if you pay by the hour).

Rescue Time: This is a web-based service similar to Toggl, however will also allow you to set limits/boundaries on how much time you take to check emails or for updating Facebook. This helps in keeping you from getting distracted.

Once you are aware of how much time each task takes, you are then required to organize your time.



Here’s how you can do it:


It is pretty obvious that an important report will take priority over refilling your stationery supplies, however sit back and take some time to think about each of those tasks. Sometimes we forget about a small thing, which can have a bigger effect on everything and everyone else. Also think about how and where you can do similar tasks together.

Using the Pomodoro technique

The basic idea behind Pomodoro (which also means tomato in Italian) is that you have only 25 minutes to work for a particular task.  You are then supposed to stop the clock if you cross it. This is a good way for training yourself on how to learn what 25 minutes of working actually feels like. Then you can take a short break like for five minutes or a long break like for 15 minutes. This strategy will keep you on the task and also will allow you to refresh your mind.

Reward yourself

If you like to stick to your schedule, then start treating yourself to something you enjoy like reading a chapter of a good book or listening your favourite song. Just don’t go overboard and wreck your day.

Blog By- Hemangini Mahajan

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