Top Hiring Trends for 2014

Trends of recruiting for 2014

Today, finding the new talent means a corporation must utilize a wide range of technologies and venues. The foremost knowledgeable and savvy young employees use these avenues on a regular basis and can’t provide the innovative techniques and climate for your business. Old methods of recruiting and posting jobs won’t attract these stellar techno-geeks. You must find new ways of searching out and speaking to these potential recruits by speaking their language.

Video Hiring: – V-IRING

The video interview became popular in some circles in the past few years, and in 2014, it will expand significantly. This method of interviewing candidates allows for a number of advantages. You can get an immediate indication of the candidate’s visual presence for high-visibility positions, as well as mannerisms, speech patterns and level of corporate compatibility. These issues provide comprehensive information on whether a candidate is appropriate for the position. Video interviewing also is a good indicator of their comfort level with technology, an important consideration for many positions today.

Mobile Recruiting

Putting recruitment efforts on a mobile communication platform allows them contact with some of the most aggressive, tech-savvy workers who are looking for new opportunities to apply their current skills and learn new ones. Hiring managers can often get the first chance at contact with these actively engaged young people by being highly visible on mobile platforms.

Social Media Hiring

Many young professionals are active on career-based social media sites and even post samples of their work, information about credentials and other data. These sites can be a goldmine for recruiters who are always looking for the brightest, most ambitious talent to fill high-profile positions in their company. Hiring managers would do well to pay attention to these sites in 2014 to find the best and brightest for their future recruits.

Undercover Recruiting: -

Many companies are going undercover to see potential recruits in action at industry conferences and on the job. They can easily view sales technique, customer service ability and other skills in action before contacting the potential recruit. This method can give hiring managers the most direct information on the recruit and help to prevent serious mistakes in placing people in sensitive positions.

Applicant Tracking Systems: -

The use of applicant tracking systems to help facilitate the process of recruitment of new employees for all sizes of companies. These systems are types of software applications that help to manage resumes and applicant information from both internal sources and wider sources such as job boards. New systems may use artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide the best search capabilities for evaluation. They may include resume screening, per-screening questions, source tracking and processing tools.

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