Top 5 Indian Cities for Job Seekers

India as a growing economy has come miles in the previous couple of years. This is quite evident with the kind of development, our nation has attained in several sectors, be it IT, Banking, Telecommunications, Tourism or any other. With this, the job opportunities lying with the nation have also been expanding. This has resulted in better career prospects for everybody from an engineer to an architect. Above everything, the mediums to look out for a job in the country are more convenient now. One can simply make use of the job portals and get to right places.

employment opportunities in India

When it comes to India, the major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad generate most of the jobs. With such opportunities, a large number of job seekers from all across the nation migrate to these cities.

Let’s have a close look at the kind of job opportunities these Indian cities produce:

Jobs in Delhi NCR: –

Delhi, the national capital is one of the metropolitan cities that attract many to come and work here. The kind of infrastructure and economic growth, the city has attained has significantly contributed in making it a hub for industries and multinational brands. Talk about hotels or media houses, IT companies or telecommunications, it has got everything. Besides, the adjoining NCR region has made the national capital even more worthy. If you are staying in the national capital or any of the adjoining regions in NCR, you have surely got the liberty to explore the most amazing job opportunities existing here. Some of the reputed brands based in NCR include Nokia, Siemens Networks, Ciena Corporation, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Motorola, HP, Mahindra, Satyam, HCL Technologies, IBM, Microsoft, NIIT, Dell Inc, Aricent, Sapient and the list goes on and on.

Jobs in Bangalore: –

Known as The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore employs about 35% of the Indian IT professionals. The city is also accredited for highest IT related exports in the country. Bangalore as a hub of IT sector pulls professionals from all over the nation. Accel Frontline Ltd., HCL Technologies, iGate, Infosys, Larsen & Toubro Infotech, Microland, MindTree, Tata Consultancy Services, Tech Mahindra, ThoughtWorks and Wipro some of the IT companies based in the city. Besides the IT boom, the city witnesses to be a hub of automotive and aviation industries too. Manufacturing and Biotechnology are the other industries that generate jobs in the city.

Jobs in Hyderabad: –

Hyderabad, also known as “Genome Valley of India” every year comes up with great job opportunities for professionals in IT and biotechnology. The city marks the existence of more than 1,300 IT companies in it, which includes Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon and Dell. Hyderabad even accounts for the 90% of the state’s IT exports of over Rs. 4000 Crore with around 5 lakh jobs. Further, the city is also known as Cyberabad owing to its strengthened position as a global center of IT sector. The city every year brings along many job opportunities for business process outsourcing, entertainment industries and financial services.

Jobs in Mumbai: –

Competition for jobs is fierce among employees working in Mumbai, resulting in longer working hours and a more westernized style of business than in other parts of the country. Civil servants and public-sector employees make up a big share of Mumbai’s active population, but so do unskilled or semi-skilled self-employed workers. Apart from taxi drivers, the notorious armies of dabbawallas working in Mumbai – messengers delivering lunch boxes to office workers – are a good example of Mumbai’s unskilled, sometimes barely literate lower class.

Apart from maritime trade, logistics, healthcare, IT, textiles, and diamond polishing, the media is a big employer in Mumbai. The “Bollywood” film industry, producing roughly 1,000 films per year, is a large part of its business world. Plenty of advertising agencies and numerous television production companies are also located in the city, providing jobs to thousands of employees working in Mumbai’s creative media.

Jobs in Chennai: –

In Chennai, software development and business process outsourcing and electronics manufacturing have been the major factors for the city’s economic growth. These sectors have also been the factors for a huge number of people migrating to Hyderabad to explore career prospects. The city is also accredited for 60% for the country’s automotive exports. Besides, it’s is also called the Banking Capital of the nation, which opens up the prospects for banking professionals in the city.

These Indian cities in the last few years have grown at a much faster pace and have also been the most desired destination for professionals from all the fields. It’s not just the IT boom that empowers these cities but also the other sectors like Hospitality, Retail, Telecom and Healthcare. Besides, the new media and digital space is creating a boom for Digital Marketing in these cities. This is yet another area that many young professionals are found to be exploring.

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