Tips to Turn an Internship into a Full-Time Job!!

job satisficationI am sure that you must have heard that riddle: “There were 5 pigeons sitting on a branch. One decided to fly. How many left?”

The answer is five, because ‘There is a difference between what you decide and what you do.’

Similarly, if you want to become successful in your internship and then turn it into a full-time job, you will have to be a doer.

Here are some things with which you can get started:

1. Using Your Networks –

In this world of technology, you can easily research internships with a few clicks on your phone; however, the best and easiest route to find a new position (internship) is through the people you know already. Don’t be scared in asking for help. These individuals who form your personal network have vested their interest in your success and also they know people who would know more people. You will be surprised to know how extreme your personal network had stretched. And above that, a personal reference is an extraordinary way for putting your first foot in the region of your dream internship (and expectantly also your future job).

2. Taking a hard look –

It may look like that the company has the ball in its court during the time-period of your internship, however, remember and keep that in mind that you will have the power once you have chosen to invest your talent in that company. The internship managers will take a harsh look at you, but for getting the best experience, it becomes vital that you also take a hard look approach towards the organisation before you apply or accept the offer. I have always seen that people do voting with their time, therefore you should make sure that you are all geared up for such commitment. Dive deep into whatever you learn (in your internship especially), what is that which is offered by your company and finally where do you desire to move in your career. This will help you in setting up the choices to choose the company which best suits your career.

3. Putting the final cherry on top –

Once that you have landed in your internship, the next most important thing is to turn it into a full-time job by finding ways to add extra value to whatever work you do. Start embracing your education and also start becoming street smart. Get imaginative. Get creative. There will be always something more which can be done. One unique example (my favourite) of this is that last winter’s I was travelling back to my hometown. After having a hectic day, I arrived at the airport, completed all the formalities and finally took my seat in the plane. I was exhausted. I asked the air hostess if I could get some juice, but she said they didn’t have it. So I buckled up my belt, adjusted my neck pillow and was ready to take off for sleep. Before I closed my eyes, the same air-hostess was holding a serving platter with three juice tetra packs. “Ms. Hemangini,” she said, “I did not know which juice you preferred – apple juice, orange juice or mixed fruit juice.” I have moved away with the fact that the air-hostess had made such a kind gesture. We all should learn from that lady. Try to deliver what is unexpected. Strive to deliver the surprise during your internship and then you will earn a full-time job for yourself.


Blog by- Hemangini Mahajan

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