Ten Things All Bad Managers Have In Common

Ten Things All Bad Managers Have In Common

Good managers come in all types of shapes and sizes. Some of them are taking their first step into their leadership roles, and some of them are managing teams from a long time. Some are soft-spoken, some are loud and some are boisterous. They all hire people whom they respect and also treat them like themselves (adults). They all lead by keeping trust instead of fear in their mind. They neither put employees down nor browbeat them. Instead they encourage people. Some managers are obnoxious and loud. While others are sneaky and quiet. Bad managers come from all and every discipline or function, too. All bad managers have these ten things in common:

Ten Things All Bad Managers Have In Common

1. They are not reinforced and supported in their own jobs. They are frightened or lost—which makes them poor managers.

2. They don’t feel good about themselves. They have a kind of black hole which they can’t fill, right from their gut. They use this force of their position to make employees do their jobs, instead of trusting them that they can create amazing things.

3. They are not aware of their awful management style and they feel no need to change it.

4. They tell that they feel stricken down themselves, because they do so. They say that they push their team members so that they work hard and it’s the only way of getting things done.

5. They don’t feel that they are powerful enough, except the power which resides in their job title. They don’t feel happy and successful.

6. They do not receive sufficient acknowledgement. Who does? You can only help a fearful manager to calm down by reinforcing and acknowledging him/her when they perform something right.

7. They rationalise and justify their vilest behaviours. Don’t reinforce that! They retort out of fear in that moment and afterwards try to justify their own actions.

8. They remember the times when they “got scorched” or experienced something bad/negative at workplace in the past. They are very quick in telling about those times when employees did/said things that they shouldn’t have done/said

9. They don’t have any good board of people to bounce off ideas. They don’t allow people in their surroundings to remind them that they can act as humans at work.

10. They don’t have any vision for their own careers and lives. Even if they did, they would have to take a step towards that vision and step away from the little tight box in which they are in.

The greatest way to work around such a manager is to observe your own trust and fear as those negative waves will crash throughout the day.


Blog By- Hemangini Mahajan

YOMA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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