Choosing The Right Temporary Staffing Agency

temporary employment

Whether you suddenly lost an employee or just need a few extra hands to get through a busy season, you’ve decided that you need to make use of temporary services to fill the vacancy. There are a large number of temporary employment agencies available to provide you with candidates, but choosing the right company can be just as important as picking the right employee.

How can you feel confident in bringing someone into your organization if you do not have confidence in the agency that selected him or her? In order to be certain that you are putting your faith in the right company, you need to understand the process they use to bring temporary employees to you.

The first piece of information you will need is the temporary service’s application process. Potential employment candidates have to apply to be entered into the pool of available temps, but how exactly are candidates screened? Does the agency run any background checks? What level of previous experience does someone have to have before they can be matched with your company?

Does the organization interview everyone before they are sent out into the field? Do they handle drug screening for you, or will that be an additional cost for your business? Make sure you understand exactly how thoroughly people have been screened before they cross the threshold of your office.

The next piece of information you should request from any temp services would be exactly how robust the profile will be that you receive when a candidate is matched. It is true that the service you’ve trusted matches people and organizations every day, but no one knows your industry or the type of people who will be successful in that industry like you do. Find out if you’ll be given a full copy of their resume. Will you get transcripts of interviews with the new employee’s references?

Do you have the option to call any previous employers yourself? Will you get copies of the results of any background checks and drug screens that are performed? Information creates confidence, and the more information you have ahead of time, the more confident you’ll be throwing a new recruit into the field immediately.

You should also take into account how the organization handles employment candidates when a temporary placement ends. Do they allow the company an opportunity to provide feedback, both positive and negative? Will you have access to the feedback of previous employers? If a candidate has been in the system for a while, you should be able to get a sense of how they have performed in the past before they begin working for you.

Ultimately, temporary staffing services are all about making connections between people and businesses. When choosing an agency, make certain that they are a company dedicated to the people they serve, and not to simply throwing bodies at job openings. If you are in an industry with a high volume of turnover, making the right people matches will be one of the best ways that you can save money. It takes a passionate organization to create great matches for you repeatedly, and you deserve a company that’s as dedicated to the business of making matches as you are to your own chosen industry.

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