Telecom industry goes on a hiring spree

The launch of 4G spectrum has opened up a wider horizon for the telecom sector. And the bullish trend is likely to continue for this competitive and innovation-led sector, which is expected to create 40 to 47 lakh job openings in the next five years. The preliminary finding of study, which is being conducted by Acreaty Management Consultant and Door Training and Consulting India, is that employment opportunities have been created as a result of increased penetration in rural areas, the rapid increase in smartphone sales and rising internet usage and opening up of the new spectrum and certain relaxation in regulations.

hire telecom“In the last few years, hiring was very aggressive in the sales and marketing area for mobile handset companies. With consolidation, the industry has become very competitive. Now hiring trends have shifted from core business towards innovation like app development, value additions and IT-related jobs,” says Paramjit Anand, executive director, Acreaty.

In the next three quarter alone, between one-and-a-half to two lakh jobs will be created, says Souvik Bose, cofounder & director, YOMA Business Solutions. “As per current estimation by TRAI, mobile penetration has reached 980 million and the mobile internet market has touched 123 million. By 2017, expectations are that the industry will reach the 350 to 450 million mark. After a few years of lows due to scams, the growth now will definitely create a huge job demand,” says Bose. As per reports, the mobile subscriber base in the country grew by 7 per cent in 2014 and is growing at a similar rate in 2015.

Already there is a huge spike in hiring in the 4G domain, technical engineers, cyber optics specialists are being sought after, he adds.

But, still the industry faces certain challenges in terms of getting the right people. “The talent pool is quite limited for the sector and hence getting the right hire is a challenge. Also retention at the lower level has been difficult,” says Anand.Also, owing to cutthroat competition, many companies have folded up.

“A product which is doing good today may fail tomorrow. The companies and its employees have to be on their toes always. Training of employees to stay updated and connected with technology advancement is crucial for success,” adds Govind Bansal, founder, Aqua Mobiles. His company is also on a hiring spree, looking to double its operations in the country.

Hiring shifts from core business to support functions such as app development, value additions and IT-related jobs   

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