How Staffing Professionals Can Avoid These 4 Client Complaints

bloggingLike any profession in the world, people make generalisations about the staffing professionals. The main problem is that these generalisations are mostly negative…and are made by the clients they work for. When such things happen, companies face loss of business.

That why it is essential to get clients feedback and which could help you in improving the service provided by you and elevating you from just a vendor transforming into a trusted advisor.

Given below are the top seven complaints that are made about staffing professionals and what you should do to avoid them:

1. “Recruiters say that they are different from their competitors.  And when they are asked about how they are different, they all say the same and old things.”

Solution: It is very important to know your company. Sit and think for a moment about what truly distinguishes you from your competitors. The only thing you have that your competitors don’t is you.  So, start sharing the following things:

  • Your track record of placing qualified candidates
  • Retention of those candidates
  • Testimonials from satisfied clients
  • Your personal commitment and relationship with current clients

2. “We all know that if we give an objection to a recruiter, 95% of them will never call back. How bad did they really want our business?”

Solution: Effectively overcoming objections and realizing that they are a sign of buying and might also lead to request for additional information. To begin with, take some time for categorizing the objection so you understand it well. There are four basic categories of objections including:

  1. Price
  2. Personal
  3. Postponement
  4. Service

3. “Recruiters present the identical candidates our team surfaces through our job board and posts on the website.”

Solution: Establishing a system of top talent and recruit candidates who are not only active in conducting a job search. Also, start obtaining referrals from the candidates who respond. Employers should have these referrals in their database systems.

4. “Candidates which are submitted do not match the eyes of requisitions and the recruiters cannot answer questions about their candidates.”

Solution: You can deal with it by sending a copy of your job order, contract and assignment to everybody involved in the interview process. At times, the hiring authority has an additional spec which was not included in your application.

You can conduct a general interview by asking candidates open ended questions. You can also use some scaling methods like statement on a scale of 1 to 10 clarify interest levels and what is most important to each candidate. Also you could start every conversation with the line, “Has anything changed since the last time we talked?” You have people on both sides of the sale and things do change.


Blog By- Hemangini Mahajan

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