Staffing companies can use Snapchat for hiring

                                                  Hiring through snapchat

Yes don’t get shocked, your staffing company can use snapchat in the hiring process.

When Snapchat was launched, everybody thought it is also just another app for teens to click & send photos and videos to one another. However the studies show that people are using snapchat more than just ‘pic-texting’.

A recent study conducted in University of Washington revealed that 60% of the respondents (18+) said that they were using Snapchat primarily for sending the ‘funny content’, while the second most popular type – the ‘snap’ or the ‘selfie’.

If the potential candidates are using Snapchat for their entertainment purposes, then is there any place for staffing companies for the same?

Here are few ways on how staffing companies can use Snapchat:

  1. To show them your internal culture – a glimpse into the culture of your office or showing them other events of the company. This will show them your personality and that you are capable of doing all that you mention on a cutting edge.
  2. Introduction of Candidates to the Staff– a video on your website of your CEO or President explaining about the principles that grounds your company. The intention is there, but no one’s watching it. Instead, you can film your president speaking (unscripted) directly to the candidates about why this company is the place to start your career with.
  3. Advertisements of Job Availability – Sharing the availability of jobs you have available in a creative way. Maybe a recruiter introducing the job profile or a photo that represents the job with a funny slogan.

Juggling with multiple social media platforms can be challenging. As always, you will have to decide which platforms are the best options for your company instead of elongating your efforts too thin across multiple channels. Master Snapchat and it could be great for your company & candidate engagement, maybe even better than twitter and Facebook.


Blog by- Hemangini Mahajan

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