Social Media Platforms Are the Future of Hiring

Hiring the right candidate is pretty much like looking for a needle in a haystack. Employers complain that a vast majority of the graduates they get are not up to the job. EDUCATION MAIL lines up some of the country’s top talent spotters and finds out what they look for in a candidate while hiring

  • Talent spotters now regard potential as one of the key employee attributes for hiring. How do you spot potential during a job interview?

The potential of a candidate can be judged through questionnaires/tests that asses skill level across a variety of functional areas. Passion, I believe, is something which an organisation has to instill in individual employees by providing them with the right environment. This in turn can makes them motivated to give their best.

  •  What are some of the other essential attributes you look for in a job applicant?hiring-employees social-media

Hunger for success, ability to work across different teams and a right mix of competence and commitment level are all attributes that can never be ignored.

  •    What are some of the common issues, which you confront in graduates while hiring?

Lack of experience and guidance can often lead to hastiness on the part of candidates and a desire to acquire a lot without making any substantial efforts.

  • What is the transitional change which a candidate has to be prepared for when he/she enters the job market from the campus?

One should be receptive as well as adaptive in this transitional makeover, from a learning centric environment to a performance oriented workplace. Managing work life balance has often been a big challenge for candidates in their maiden job.

  • How beneficial is social media in hiring candidates?

Social media and big data analytics are going to be the future of hiring. In the coming years, companies and recruitment agencies will reduce their dependence on job portals and look at a variety of social media platforms to hire suitable candidates for both active and passive job seekers. It is a good trend which is in favour of industry as well as the job seekers.

  • How can a candidate make himself/herself valuable in his line of work?

Solving problems which have a direct, measurable impact on business can be a big plus for companies.

  •  How should women strike a balance exploring different interests while focusing on career goals?

Women should prioritise their career goals and must categorise them as urgent, important, conditional and desirable, then balance their tasks. Many tasks which seem urgent are not really urgent, nor important in the larger scheme of things.

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Nishit sood  (MD & CEO) NISHIT SOOD, CEO and Founder, YOMA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Article Published on Mail Today.

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