Manage Your Employee’s Salaries With Payroll Management System

When you are busy developing your organization, managing your payroll can be a hassle and can shift your focus. Figuring out payroll techniques, our practical and experienced payroll solutions will help you to ease out on your payroll problems. YOMA being one of the leading HRO company, have an organized payroll management framework that is fully customized only for your organization. Our Payroll Management System framework manages zones identified with payroll, compensations, recompenses, salary, and net pay, and creating payslips within an endorsed period.

 What do we consider before creating a payroll management framework?

 Your Business Objectives

 We begin by checking your business, by figuring out your payroll objective. We keep a track of the payroll and keep on updating the information according to the requirements.

How adaptable is our payroll technique?

 Taking into consideration about what benefits you’ll get before making the payroll structure, we thoroughly consider a few parts of your business that you may have disregarded. Our customized payroll techniques always are in alignment with your organizational needs.

How valid is the payroll system?

 The validity of the payroll technique is additionally what we ensure you. We ensure that our payroll technique is a long-term and long-lasting methodology. The highly reliable payroll management will sort out your business worries. Our structure first prepares your payroll information, then processes your payroll, taxes, and then after the end of processing data-period, we provide you with the payroll package.

Our payroll management components

Utilizing a solitary payroll management framework additionally makes your work easy and faster. Our payroll management technique has several layers to it. We provide a monthly report on our portal. Followed by a customized and automated MIS as per your requirement, later we update salary records and the salary structure. We then compute any arrears, incentives and variable pay. Later our experts prepare full and final settlements followed by an informative web-enabled payroll and effective HR technology platform.

 Simplicity of execution

 We provide a very simple and easy to understand payroll management techniques. Implementation is very smooth and easy so that payroll in your organization is hassle-free. Our payroll management is simple and easy to understand, we make sure to have a through communication with your during the process and this is how we make it understandable and simple to you.


 Our extraordinary payroll management framework ought to enable you to introduce and execute it without extra hassle on understanding and implementing. We make sure that our payroll management frameworks can be utilized at its best for a longer period.

Access levels and security

A powerful payroll management framework ought to have the capacity confine access to specific clients. We know that who should manage, who can see, adjust, and endorse the payroll of your company. At YOMA, we make sure that your company’s payroll data is highly confidential.


 As and when the needs of your organization develop or changes, we keep in mind that our payroll management offerings are in line with your company’s requirements. Our adaptable management system upgrades itself with time and requirement.

In a nutshell

 Our payroll management framework likewise promotes better security and helps keep employee information private and easy to manage. More confidential controls can be actualized, where just the main authority has the correct access codes or authoritative rights to access the data. Using the latest software, our payroll management technique has received loads of positive response and we look forward to continuing to deliver our impeccable service in the coming future.

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