How To Make Sure You’re Not Damaging Your Career!

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A recent survey by VitalSmarts* found that 83 percent of people had seen someone make a blunder that had catastrophic results for their career, reputation, or business, and 69 percent admitted that they themselves had done something that had damaged their careers:

  • 31 percent said it cost them a promotion, a raise, or even a job
  • 27 percent said it damaged a working relationship
  • 11 percent said it destroyed their reputation

(*Published on TalentSmarts)

A software engineer had applied for a job while she was still working in an R&D Company, obviously without the knowledge of her current HR Managers. The prospective company was a huge one where she always wanted to go, and she got the offer too. However, the job was in a different state, so she decided not to join. Her joining date passed, and she thought that would be it. But as it turns out, luck had other plans.

The company she was supposed to join, had hired a third-party resource to take care of the background checks of their prospective employees. After a month or so, the third-party sent an email to her current HR as the regular check, and she was summoned to the office. She couldn’t explain it, and her appraisal was affected adversely.

We all make such mistakes we wish we could take back, or go back in time and undo. However, this never happens.


  • Playing office politics: Getting down and dirty with office gossip and indulging in power games will never work.
  • Feeding your ego: Being super-stuck up is not going to help either. Ego and self-respect are two different things, and it is very dangerous to mistake one for the other. Be a self-respecting individual, not a megalomaniac.
  • Flattering your Boss unnecessarily: We all love to have a good boss who understands and is not afraid of leading the team in a better direction. If he does that, well and good for the team and him. The appreciation towards such a Boss would be genuine, heartfelt and not exaggerated. But it also becomes painfully obvious when someone undeserving is flattered. This paints a very bad picture of you if you act the sycophant your Boss needs but the team hates.
  • Promising more than you can deliver: You might think that this shows to people that you are eager to take on big responsibilities and love challenges no matter what the consequences might be but it leads to often people being let down. And once they’re let down, they remember.

So these are just a few things that you can avoid to make your career shine bright. However, hard work in the right direction with the right intention makes all the difference.


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