Learn Time And Money Management From The Best Teachers Around- Your Grandmothers!

Do not let the title shock you, it is absolutely true.

Did you know that India was one of the very few developing countries which were not severely damaged during the sub-prime crisis of 2008-2009? And one of the most important reasons behind this was attributed to the saving temperament of the Indian household. People were baffled.

In today’s time, everyone is running after fat paycheques, but job growth is dwindling despite the rise in GDP. In such times where there is a constant confusion even in the topmost rungs of management, it is natural that people want to keep their jobs and get better at what they do.

All around the world, entrepreneurs and corporate organizations are striving to make their employees better and better than ever before so they can stand the test of trying times. There are webinars, training sessions, everything to make sure the professionals don’t lose their edge. But there is still a potent source of learning time and money management which we have not tapped yet, at least consciously, and that is the wisdom of our sweet grandmothers. Don’t believe us? You will, after reading this:

Time management: Do you remember that as a kid you would see your grandmother stocking up on raw mangoes to make pickles later on? Or making sure that before winters came, all the cupboards in the house were cleaned thoroughly and dried?

Or she would ask everyone in the afternoon what they wanted for dinner?

It helped her immensely in what she did, and had brilliant end results without having to run around multiple times for the same thing. It saved her time, multiple efforts and hassle of rushing through things. Dur to this, winter clothes never got infested by moths, and helped her avoid any surprises during dinner.

What does it mean for professionals like us?

  • Define the goals well before the plan is about to start.  It will help later on.
  • Think about the possible outcomes, and prepare accordingly.
  • You are not alone, and the team counts on everyone so everyone needs to take responsibility.
  • A stitch in time saves nine is not a proverb for no reason.

Money Management: We all remember how our grandmothers used to prepare for any kind of monetary trouble well in advance and never stashed their money in one place? At any point of time, when the home was in dire need of money fix, it was her well-thought out plan that took care of the need. She would always think of the times to come and save money from wherever she could only to use it at a better place. What does that teach us?

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket. Choose your channels wisely.
  • Invest as much as you want, but keep the security window open enough.
  • Never let your crucial savings go down, it will always help.

That’s almost everything one would need to learn in a professional course. And not to forget, our good old’ grannies are the best people managers too. Because if not for them, most families would have fallen apart. Same thing is applicable for organizations too, as people management is one of the most important things in today’s times.

So what are you waiting for, go get some tips from Grandma!