Do You Always Come in Second Position at Job Interviews?

Race in Interviews

Have you been experiencing the same second place in your job interview? Did you ever think what could be the reason for this to happen? The recurrence of the same result  not only makes you demotivated but also frustrated as to what is that you are doing wrong after putting the maximum effort in preparing for the interview and receiving  the same outcome.

In order to understand this lets have a look at the reasons as to what leads to second place in a job interview and the approach that should be used to overcome this problem:

Reasons for coming second: – Try and get as much feedback as you can after every interview to understand why you were not selected for the job and what were the skills and qualities of the candidate who succeeded in the interview. Talk to your hiring manager and gather all the feedback as to what was the mistake made by you during the interview. Make a spreadsheet of all the information and analyze what are your strengths and your weaknesses. This approach will help you prepare more confidently for the next interview.

How to prepare yourself for the interview: – Again this can be done by having an open discussion with your employer and getting his feedback as to how to improve your interview skills. Or else the other way is to video yourself while giving a mock interview with a help of a colleague or friend to get an idea as to how is your performance in the interview. This will help you find the problem and get it resolved. For example while giving an interview you may not be confident or may appear to be low in energy and disinterested. By using this approach you will be able to improve your technique for future interviews.

Compromise your position: – Because of the expanded market place candidates need to have thorough knowledge about their job area in the competitive business world. You have to get an idea as to how many candidates are applying for the same job. You need to know whether the market place is full of talented people. In such a case your current plan might not work and you may need to compromise on your salary, positions to assure a secured employment with a plan to progress later.

Good Closure to your interview: – In today competitive world it is necessary for an applicant to have an over the edge quality to succeed in their job interview. There is a possibility that instead of one there are three or more best applicant who are selected with different skills. For you to succeed, it is necessary that you have a good closing technique. Try and gather information about the company weak areas and determine the skill they require to improve their company position in the market place. Once you figure out the skill required try and convince the company that you have the skills to overcome their weak areas.

By using these approaches one cannot assure but increase your chances of gaining first place in an interview.

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