10 tips to improve your job postings results

Are your ads catching the eyeballs of the right candidates?  Do you aim for more candidates to view your job postings?

A job posting is certainly not a job description! To create an effective and attractive job posting, you need to create a “job ad” instead.  But as HR folks are not marketers; so creating a job ad is always a challenge.

job postings results

Try thinking your job opportunity as your product and the individuals that will read the job ad as your target customers. Your aim is to attract your “customers” interest, communicate the key features quickly and clearly, and give the “customer” a call to action. The only way to attain is to go beyond the basics of the job and fetch potential candidates’ attention right away.

Simple and attractive job ad should be the main motto, which is achievable by following the steps:

1. Talk loud about organization:

Why is your organization a great place to work and how working in this organization can give an edge to candidate’s career?

2. Have a recognizable Job Title:

The job title should be clear enough that the candidate can have a clear understanding of what the job is and knows to read on if it is a fit. Avoid a fun quirky title: candidates might not be able to connect with it.

3. Find means to grab the candidate’s attention:

A job advertisement needs a ‘hook’, Try and position your ad and company to be different from all other postings and companies

4. Simple to understand:

Make the copy easy and simple to read. Too much text will lose. Use bullets, numbers, and short bite-sized paragraphs.

5. Personalize:

Try to make it as personal as possible, as though you are talking to them. For example, “As the HR Manager, YOU will be responsible for managing employees.” This leads to the candidate to visualize him/herself in the position helping the candidate relate personally to the opportunity at hand.

6. What’s in it for the candidate?:

What are the benefits that will attract candidates? Salary, flexi hours, etc..Add creativity, but try to be realistic, too.

7. Search Engine Optimization:

Make it easy to find. Be sure content contains desired key words that will enable a job seeker to find the ad easily.

8. Application process:

Try to keep the application process as easy and simple. Provide either a link to your website career page or an email address to submit a resume.

9. Respond quickly!:

With latest technology, it becomes even easier to send candidates a confirmation email after receiving their resume. This will reflect your care to keep that star candidate engaged in your company.

10. Follow up:

One of their biggest frustrations, we hear often from job seekers is never hearing back about their status. Letting candidates know they have not been selected/ selected, follow-up and communication is integral part of the process.

Try these 10 steps and see the difference!

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