Human Resource Consulting Is Not Just About Sourcing & Placing Candidates. Find Out Why

Organizations can develop quickly at a faster pace, particularly when you are facilitated with the HRO solution by the leading HRO company, YOMA. For most independent organizations, human resource consulting is a major field for their company. Human resource consulting can determine your progress of company on the basis of manpower. We provide you with the best HR solutions that will give an immense acceleration to your organization. We study your business and your requirements. Our customized solution will help you to progress effectively.

How is the best HR solution provided by us?

Overview of recruitment

Our HR advisers at YOMA concentrate on your helping organizations select and contract the best applicants willing to work for you with great enthusiasm. We usually pick the correct ones by utilizing an assortment of practices for ability seeking, utilizing restrictive databases, surveying potential inside the candidates. We also look into their professional social background such as LinkedIn. Our HR experts work with your organization from the underlying enlisting of the eligible candidates with the procedure of the minute screening of the candidates, leading meetings and doing the individual verification.


We help organizations to enhance their specialists with the right way of progressing, preparing and improvement. We make sure that the candidates we provide incorporate work ethics. The particular ability of preparing or improvements is what we deliver. We teach time administration, client benefit, technology information and initiative aptitudes. For the better performance of our manpower, our HR experts give classes and workshops, helping organizations to develop in the way they have always wanted to.

Planning and organizing

Another specialization of our HR team is to give solutions to the advantages and remuneration. We give the best HRO advice and hence keep in mind the benefit of both the organization and the candidate. We look into the matter of rewards incorporated in base pay, benefits, commissions, pay rates, advantages, rewards, grants projects and assurance activities. Our HR expert enables organizations to plan the way to utilize the manpower in a smart manner. Our HR expert audits industry pay scales for these positions. Our HR specialists also offer finance administrations, working with benefits suppliers and customer fund divisions.

Our commitment towards the betterment of your organization

Our HR experts usually perform several tests before assigning you the HR solutions. Our Human resource advisers embrace a great deal of authoritative duty in their each and every step so that you get the right people for your organization. We only provide you quality HR solution and the individuals who appreciate working with people, organizations, and associations and creating a development. Our human resources specialists will determine the candidate’s capacity to perform at several scenarios and stages of your organization. Basically, our human resource’s approach and offer counsel on its usage in an association or business. Our Human resource management takes in-charge of keeping up strong communication and your organization. From controlling the rules of the work ethics to contracting and quality checking of candidates, our human resources experts keep an eye on each and every detail in this field. Our smart HR strategies and HR specialists are to a great extent in charge of your organization’s development and we strive to give the best advice.

At YOMA, we can adjust and provide you with your HR needs by giving solid and vital staffing solution. By understanding the need for your business and adjusting ability system to the business technique we tend to offer employees that drive your organizations forward. Our capacity to provide quick and profitable solutions has made us one of the leading HRO companies.

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