How To Crack an HR Interview- 8 Tips That Will Help!

Interviews- be it a telephonic conversation or a Face to Face one, you have to be extremely well-prepared to be able to crack it. It is always a nervous moment. If you want the job, and like the Company, and think that you will be a good fit, it is still very difficult to assure the same to the person recruiting you. interview tipsMany people lose out on interviews simply not because they lack the talent or expertise, but because they do not follow the proper etiquette of a job interview. Fret not, we have a few suggestions that will help you ace it.

Just give them a read:

  1. Please don’t be late.  The interviewers are really looking forward to meeting you and finalizing the position so every minute counts.

  1. Don’t lie on your resume. There is a reason why you have been selected for an F2F session. Please don’t let it go to waste by faking it.

  1. If you are inexperienced in the particular field, and you have received a call, trust us the concerned official saw something there that they’d like to engage with. And you do have the potential, so don’t be nervous.

  1. Don’t hesitate in asking for a cup of tea/coffee, water, a 5-minute break if you need to calm down. They all have been there, they know.

  1. Don’t get offended if they ask you to take a test. No one is questioning/doubting your credentials, but writing original material needs to pass a certain benchmark and they’d like to see that you are willing to engage with that.

  1. Keep a sample of your original material ready in case someone wants to go through that. It is almost like giving project details in an IT sector vacancy or a building, in case of an architect’s position. It is exactly like that. They need to see your work, even if it is amateurish at its best.

  1. Try to be open to opportunities, but do not compromise with your potential. Nothing is more heartbreaking than seeing a good candidate agreeing to settle down for something that is not meant for them. Emotion

  1. Refrain from being extra sassy. All these articles on the internet which tell you to go all quippy might work if you are being interviewed by someone eccentric and unconventional, but otherwise, don’t take your chances. If you are asked, why do you think you are suitable for this position, try to take the conventional route of answering why you think you’ll fit rather than smirking and saying, “Why don’t you hire me and find out!”. Seriously, NO. (And if they are eccentric and unconventional enough, they’ll know that you saw it on the internet. So, you get the drift.) Unpredictable

Hope these tips help you out in your next interview.

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