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Finding the highest talent isn’t forever enough once you are hiring professionals for a corporation. Teamwork plays an integral part in the growth and strength of any business, so a hiring manager must evaluate candidates based on their individual abilities as well as their willingness to work with others. Recognizing a team player can be an important part of finding the right professionals to take on a new job.

Team PlayersEvaluate Psychological Factors:

Skills and education are only one factor to consider. You also want to feel confident that a new employee is able to handle the pressure of the job and will not struggle with any psychological baggage.

Psychological evaluations do not necessarily mean that a potential candidate must sit down with a professional psychologist, but it does mean that you want to simulate situations that may arise in the workplace. If you are hiring a manager, then asking complicated questions and seeing how the individual would handle the stress of the situation can help.

Consider Passion:

A team player is someone who is passionate and prepared for any eventuality. You can recognize passion when you look at a resume. A candidate who has studied the same topic in a Master’s program as an undergraduate program and obtains professional designations in the same industry clearly has passion for the topic.

Look at the Big Picture:

Do not focus on a single skill. You want to look at the candidate as a whole person. Getting distracted by one specific talent can make it easy to overlook flaws in other areas. Consider the entire person based on a resume, background check and the entire interview process.

Team players are individuals who have more than one skill or talent. They are the individuals who are passionate about a topic and are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the entire company or team is successful.

Use Technology to Narrow Down the Choices:

Even though you want to hire a team player, you also need to ensure that the individual is fully qualified for the position. Excellent teamwork is ultimately the final piece of the puzzle, not the first consideration.

Use technology to narrow down candidates based on specific criteria. The latest technological advances and tools, like the Applicant Tracking System, allow you to narrow down the candidates based on their educational level, their previous work experience and the type of tasks that they have performed in the past. If you want to hire a professional for a management position, then you need an experienced professional. An entry level position may not require much experience, but it might need a certain educational standard or degree.

You want to have a few potential candidates selected before starting the interview process. Technology allows you to identify qualified individuals and track those individuals based on their historical data and resume.

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