Ways to get selected in an interview

Personal interviewing skills is concerning how we marketing ourselves. It is the experience we want others to have when they interact with us. At an interview, your interviewing skills are the words the interviewers will use to describe their impression of you and their experience of interviewing you.

To stand an opportunity of being offered the role, the words you would like the interviewers to use to explain you need to be positive. In alternative words, you want to work on defining your personal interviewing skills. Let’s take a look at how you can play this out.

personal interviewing skills
Determining your interviewing skills:–

You start to think about our interviewing skills by asking yourself this question:

  •     By the end of the interview, what words would I like the interviewers to use to explain me and their experience of interviewing me?’

You might come up with words like ‘professional’, ‘enthusiastic’ and ‘confident.’

You then ask yourself:

  •     How can I able to portray these qualities throughout the interview?

Tone of voice, visual communication and also the content of your answers will all contribute to how you are perceived by the interviewers. So too will your qualifications and past experience. However, there are other factors that come into play as well.

Factors that influence your Personal interviewing skills in an Interview:–

The interviewers are aiming to ‘brand’ you one way or the opposite. Within the larger theme of things, the factors outlined below shouldn’t make a difference, but the reality is they do. By being attentive to them, you can ensure that at minimum they don’t distract the interviewers from the standard of your answers. Some you can harness to your advantage.

Appearance and grooming:–

Are you appropriately dressed for the interview? This is this first thought interviewers will have when they see you. Their first impression of you will be formed before they ever ask you a question.

The number one rule for appearance at an interview is that you want to be dressed professionally and in accordance with the accepted norms of the company. A standard financial services firm will require a suit and tie for men and a business suit for women. Most corporations within the IT or creative fields will be more relaxed.

You are not going to be offered the job based on what you are wearing, or how well groomed you are, but if what you are wearing is not appropriate, you are negatively impacting on your probabilities of interview success. Interviewers will wonder that if you cannot put time and effort into how you show up for an interviewer, will you put time and effort into your work.


You don’t want any of the accessories you are wearing or carrying to distract the interviewers and trim from their overall experience of interviewing you. For example, it looks more professional to have your paperwork in a folder, rather than carrying them loosely. Some common pitfalls include chewing gum and having sunglasses perched on your head, both communicate that you are not taking the interview seriously.


An interviewer will think that if you cannot be trusted with time, what else you can not be trusted with. If you are late for the interview, at best you have an uphill struggle to reverse a poor first impression, at worst they won’t even meet with you.

A key part of interview preparation knows precisely where the interview is taking place and how you will get there. If you are unsure of the location seek directions and if the area is unfamiliar, consider visiting it beforehand. Factor in contingency time as well, just in case traffic is bad or the train is late.

Social Media:–

A new factor that influences our personality is our social media presence. If a company types your name into a search engine what will they find? LinkedIn is the social media platform that lends itself to business professionals. Do you have a profile? How does it read? More and more companies and interviewers will investigate your online presence particularly for more senior position and for roles that involve social media and digital marketing.

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