Why Employers Are Turning To Video Hiring These Days?

Hiring a candidate suitable for a profile is one of the most crucial decisions for any employer because the kind of employee they choose, is the kind of company they build. Perhaps this is the reason why so many people used to emphasize on having face to face interviews so that they can pick the best candidate possible.  And until a few years ago, this used to be the most popular mode until technology decided to step in and revolutionize the entire process.

The latest trend in the market of staffing is conducting video hiring to choose apt employees. It brings with itself an array of plus points which is making it a favourite with employers. A few can be listed as follows:

  •  It is cost effective: It saves the employers of bringing in people from other places to a specific interview site or office, and it goes the same way for the prospective candidates as they don’t have to travel so much to give an interview.
  • It saves time: Conducting interviews is a time-taking task. Inviting people and personally interviewing them in packed schedules is tiring as well as doesn’t prove very productive on the scale of time either.
  • It helps employers and employees alike: It helps them expand their horizons. With video hiring, employers can easily tap into a bigger pool of talent by mapping out and interviewing candidates from places that are out of their reach otherwise. Same thing goes for the candidates.
  •  Apart from these, Video hiring has one more strong benefit, that the selection process becomes more organized and methodical.

Apart from these obvious benefits, Video hiring is also revolutionizing the world of employment and  employability by moving closer towards automation of sorts. While the process of the interview in itself is reliant upon the people making the decision, there’s plenty of possibilities that these could actually be  facilitated by an earlier selection of candidates on basic, simple criteria which might filter out the irrelevant resumes and the like. In the world of hiring and constant buzz of jobs shifting, moving, video-hiring is a job option to go witth.

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