Current Hiring Trends In India- Everything You Need to Know!

According to a report published in

  • 55% companies will provide flexible working hours
  • 47% companies will enable employees to Work from home
  • 42% companies will promote their (existing or new) wellness programs

And this is just a sneak peek! When the year began, there was a lot of speculation about how the hiring trends are going to pan out. 8 months into the year, many of them stand confirmed and booming. There are certain trends in hiring which have been making rounds for a while now, and missing out on them would be a huge mistake. The most important hiring trends in India can be highlighted in the following:

  • Increased emphasis on employee referrals: As compared to the global average of 39%, India’s average use of the employee referral stands at a staggering 65% ( The referrals by employees are beneficial for an organization as they decrease external dependency to look for resources. If you haven’t taken advantage of this yet, you should start trying.

  • Using analytics as a tool for hiring. According to Aon Hewitt and People Matters, 65% of Indian companies now have dedicated team members for talent assessments, data analytics, and technology. The Big Data trend is here to stay, and it has been making news ever since. Trends predict that it will remain in the top tier for the coming times as well.

  • Use of Social Media: Both recruiters and employees are using social media to reach out to the job market. Demand and supply is in brute force here which has created a fair market of sorts on LinkedIn and Twitter and such platforms. Again, in a report published on, Over 94% recruiters use LinkedIn to recruit new candidates; 79% of job seekers use social media to find new jobs; KPMG India Partner and Head (People and Change) Nishchae Suri reckons over 80% of companies use social media for recruitment.

  • Branding: Employer branding is also one of the most crucial aspects of the hiring trends. People are focusing on providing a remarkable experience to the candidates which helps them create a positive image through word of mouth and other channels. This is also one of the trends to look out for.

These trends are currently on the top for hiring trends in India. To know more, visit our website at or call us at 088248 87887. We’d love to hear from you.

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