Why You Should Care About Your Employee Happiness

happy employeeYou’ve almost certainly had a job you hated at one point or another. In fact, according to a recent survey, nearly 70% of the employees don’t like their current job/ positions.

This, of course, is a problem.

It’s impossible for anyone to reach their full potential at work when they spend a good chunk of the day thinking about how they’d rather be somewhere else.

When you lack motivation, there’s no chance you’re able to knock it out of the park every day.

So how to fix?

Here are three easy ways to do that.

1. Let your employees bring joy to work 

Its very difficult to sit and keep doing the monotonous work without having a feel of joy in it. When an employee do same work everyday and struggle to stand  on this bosses, situation becomes more worst day by day. In this, the pinch of joy will motivate an employee  and get back him on track.

2. Invest in professional development

Workers, and millennials in particular, are motivated by opportunities for growth. According to a recent Forbes piece, 68% of millennials say professional development is a top priority in their careers.

To increase employee happiness, invest in professional development opportunities. Give your employees additional responsibilities (and commensurate wage increases whenever possible), allow them to attend conferences and tradeshows, and offer yourself as a resource as often as you can.

3. Allow your employees to create flexible schedules

Do your employees really need to show up at the office every day at 9 AM?

Everyone is incredibly busy these days.

To improve work-life balance for your staff and increase employee happiness, let employees create their own schedules (within reason). This makes it incredibly easier for folks to go to the dentist, wait for the cable guy, and chauffeur their kids, among endless other chores. As long as your employees are getting all of their work done on time and not missing any appointments, does it really matter when—or even where—they work?

The happier your employees are, high your organisation grows. 

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