Can Placement Agencies In India Come To Your Rescue To Hire The Best?

The cost of hiring misfits in an organization can undermine the potential of increasing profits, demotivating the efforts of the HR management team. Two of the challenges that the Indian HR system is facing today is the unavailability of quality resources & retention of good ones. placement agencies When the hiring errors persist, cost to company increases, thereby forcing the in-house employees to look for external outsourcing Placement Agencies in India to provide a much-needed solace.

Most employers would agree to the fact that quality hiring is time-consuming, minimally effective and costly investment. Unfortunately, the relevance of resumes and actual interview probing holds little importance since there seems to be a huge variation when you meet a person face-to-face. The most common problems in regards to the selection process are:

  1. A huge number of applicants lie about their skill set
  2. The employment duration is inaccurate
  3. Many show inadequate qualification details
  4. Many lie about their past tenures

This leads to the following question – how to sort quality candidates?

Crowdsourcing from a pool of hugely talented people whose CVs beg for attention is a challenging task indeed. Before starting the hiring process, you must ask yourself, how confident you are in sourcing good candidates? Are you repeatedly hiring the wrong ones? Is your team capable enough to deal with high-quality people? Do they have the realistic expectation that helps in achieving shared goals? Are you the shortage of labor or skilled employees?

Your contributions:

If you belong to a corporate firm, playing an HR or decision making the role, then probably you are the sole contributor in maintaining the balance sheet of hiring quality people at first instances. It is probable that the success rate in hiring may vary, although the cost of a bad one tilts the organizational equilibrium. Acting as a falling deck of cards, the productive hours of one person & others in the team is hampered & the company bears the administrative costs of recruitment, onboarding & training of the new joiner. Emotional

How To Prevent the Loss?

You are responsible to hire the best fit for your organization. Determine the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate by the following questions:

  • Share an example of your smart work based on the experience.
  • On what basis your employer can count on you?
  • Mention the last time you lost your temper & for what reasons.
  • What was your learning that led to a better workflow?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What motivates you to put forth your best effort?
  • What makes you tick?

Preparing for the interview beforehand can save you a lot of unnecessary thoughts while conducting the session & offer you ample space to reflect on the answers of each candidate. A standard format of the questionnaire can be used to analyze the thought-process & analytical skills of any candidate. You might also use situation based questions such as “give me an example when you…”, “describe an incident where you have assumed multiple roles to complete a task…”, “have you ever reached out for additional duties?” etc. The answers retrieved from the same can shed light on the personality, adaptability and job-related aptitude of the interviewee.


Hiring the best candidates requires a careful planning, investment cost and tried-and-tested method that is best known to people who have hit the successful hiring mark many times. If you are finding it challenging to gather good resources in your organization then you can opt to partner with top placement agencies in India –YOMA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd to help you get the right fit.

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