How To Build Creativity At Your Workplace

How To Build Creativity At Your WorkplaceAlthough there’s no single right way for fostering creativity, here below are four thoughts for building a robust framework for everyone in your team/office to become more creative.

1.  Creativity is everyone’s job, including yours – At the core of each and every entrepreneurial workplace, the idea is that if you come across an important job that’s getting late or is not being getting done, and also that you don’t have any idea whose job it is then assume that it’s yours. This is applied for creative work, too. You should not assume that creativity is exclusively the responsibility of the marketing team, or the team for new product development, or any other department of which you are not a part of. If you are getting a chance to add value by the quality of your ideas, go ahead and do it.

 2. Permission granted –You can have the best team of creative in the world, however it will not matter if people feel that they don’t have any permission to share their ideas. That’s why everyone should make it a point to let their team members know that if they are waiting for permission to be granted to start working on a solution, they must assume that the “permission is granted” to them. If you are able to see a better way to do a task, you not only have the permission to perform it, also an obligation to do it!

3. It’s all about the teamwork and tapping all your networks– One of the latest researches has revealed that both the cultural and economic productivity are the by-products of networks. According to Geoffrey West, a physicist and urban theorist, cities are one of the physical epitomes of the human networks that they contain. The bigger the network is, the faster it moves, and then more value is added and then creativity is accomplished. Whenever you require to harness creativity for your team, leverage the biggest network which you can.

4.  Creativity is work. Start making space for it – Maintaining both the collaborative and solitary creative output demands that we start carving out time and space to perform that hard, time-consuming task.


There are hard times when something pops up to bump the creative time out of your calendar (and it always will seem to come up). For taking the response, take a deep breath and then ‘SAY NO’. Sometimes, creativity has to take the priority.

 Blog by- Hemangini Mahajan

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