A Better Workplace : Creating Cultural Alignment for Organizational Success


To survive and succeed, every organization wants its employees to be pro-active and productive. Only a positive work culture encourages the workers to stay motivated. Therefore, work environment shouldn’t result in stress instead it should garner a conducive and motivational atmosphere. Organizational culture is a significant driver of business success. However, there is no such thing as a good or bad culture, just an effective or ineffective one that sets a company apart from the crowd. All the incredibly successful companies including Apple, Walmart and Google have their distinct business strategy. It is vital that the organizational alignment of any company should be in line.

A better workplaceRegardless of where a company stands, its business strategy should explicitly define its vision, value proposition, financial performance, future results destination and behaviors that will direct its actions on the path toward achieving great results. In order to promote change and constructive growth, every company should take steps to evaluate the existing culture. Even if a company is relatively satisfied with its work atmosphere, evaluation is still essential to ponder upon the current culture and have a rational discussion about work space and direction for the future. Analysis is vital to effectively create a space that supports both desired culture and assists in creating a healthy working environment.

Companies with an open and participative environment tend to have more engaged employees and will likely outperform their competitors at the time of hiring. When top performing employees leave a company, the organization not only has to face a loss of highly skilled workers, but also has to put up with the costs of recruiting new employees, transition costs and disruption to the talent pipeline. A strong work culture, where people enjoy working, motivates employees to stay and work toward achieving organizational goals.

A work place that creates an aligned culture and offer broad opportunities for growth have more motivated and satisfied employees. And their enthusiasm towards work helps in gaining higher customer loyalty. Alike clients, employees also share their experiences on various platforms with the outer world. A positive work environment means, a high content level of the employees that help produce best brand ambassadors. If you know that some components of your work culture are very strong, you can highlight, build on, and leverage those strengths to make them even more discernible for your customers, employees and others who come into contact with your brand. Every company wants to bring the right talent into their organization. While recruiting a candidate, they not only evaluate skills, but also the aspirant’s natural synergy with the company’s culture.

Nishit sood  (MD & CEO)



NISHIT SOOD, CEO and Founder, YOMA Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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