Are You the Best Person for the Job?

In much all cases, a company strives to spot and choose the most effective person for the job.
Ads for open positions are overflowing with lists of requirements for experience and education in an effort to prevent those that don’t meet stated criteria from applying. Yet, various statistics reveal the low magnitude relation of qualified candidates versus immense volumes of unqualified resumes received for each opening.

Best Person for the Job

Best Person for the Job

Assorted factors that may correlate to difficulties in attracting the most effective person for the job often attributed to dubious phenomena like the incessant war for talent, looming skills gap and shifting men demographics.

Frequently, this combination leads an employer to pursue those employed by their competitors or to attempt to hire a promising prospect before the competition does.

Rational or not and no matter the source, those that aren’t already looking for a new job are almost always viewed as the most valuable. Usually once a potential candidate moves past visual examination of their tangible credentials on-line or on paper, a person-to-person assessment is often succeeding step within the screening method. Whether over the phone, via video, or throughout a face-to-face meeting, interviewers endeavor to uncover the attributes and characteristics they believe will translate to a successful hire.

Coincidentally, specialists repeatedly give proof that interviews and interviewers are not accurate predictors of performance. There are numerous various reasons for this. For starters, job postings are notoriously poorly made and bear stripped-down similitude to the on-the-job performance expectations. Merely listing a series of required for most popular ability sets and previous expertise and education doesn’t mechanically mean somebody with them would be effective or someone without them would struggle.  Regardless, an individual with a solid understanding of the job itself should have no trouble coming up with appropriate targeted questions.

Certain queries are more suited to assess hard skills and others help evaluate soft skills. The blend of both would depend on the nature of the work to be performed. Generally, it is advisable to ensure that all interview questions asked are job-related. That, however, is rare…

Search perfect Candidate

Search perfect Candidate

Interview queries tend run the gamut between clearly relevant to downright absurd. Recruiters may rely on their favorite questions to get to know candidates.  Hiring managers may depend on intuition or gut feelings to determine what the right fit means.

Sometimes situational queries are used to examine how an individual would handle a particular challenge associated related to that company’s anticipated future wants. Since these are based on “what if” eventualities, they may or may not produce adequate information about the candidate’s abilities.  The first downside of those activity or situational exchanges is lack of context on both sides. Inquiries and replies are simply based on that individual’s perspective of the topic and can leave plenty of room for incorrect conclusions or premature decisions.

Even Google’s famed random interview questions have been retired upon being deemed entirely extraneous and ineffective by their CHRO. Finally, we can’t rest assured that the best person for the job doesn’t also need to be an expert in manhole cover shapes.

By incorporating unrelated queries it creates higher chance that an individual that interviews well (or better) could be determined to suit the culture and the job while a potentially more qualified person that provides less amusing or entertaining answers gets rejected. Finally of the on top of transpires, however is it potential (according to some surveys) that up to fifty percent of the “best person for the job” hires don’t work out?

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