Best HR Practices From around the Globe!

No matter how much people deny this, Human Resources Department definitely is one of the most important and crucial parts of any organization. The consensus amongst employees seems to be that HR managers hardly contribute anything to the work they do, but this is hardly the case. The fact that HR Department determines who gets hired, what policies are put in practice, and how a specific work culture is maintained, is enough to figure out what a critical position HR department enjoys.

To maintain what importance is accorded to the department, many HR Managers make sure that they adopt innovative practices and policies which make the employees work more efficiently and harbour greater loyalty for the company.

To improve employee retention, and lower down the turnover, there are certain practices in place all around the globe. A few of them can be listed as follows:

 1- Flexible work hours: All Around the world, companies are relying more and more on flexible working hours, because in the 21st century making people work like assembly line robots is a tad bit dehumanizing. While it is absolutely fine when there are arguments given in favour of the 9-6 timing that it brings people together and helps get work done, but when it comes to the real life, it does what it does- puts people in constraints rather than a discipline they willingly choose.

2- Transparency: In corporate world, what they call a glass door policy, definitely goes a long way. If there is less vertical compartmentalization in the hierarchy and more horizontal distribution of responsibilities, it gives every employee a sense of accountability.

3- Culture of the workplace: This includes the way employees feel and respond at the workplace. The way they dress, is also one of the most crucial things that helps them get comfortable in their surroundings. The places which do not have very stringent dress codes, often see a more comfortable lot of employees who focus on their work more.

4- Less Focus on micromanagement: Letting people work at their own pace and in their own way unless it doesn’t jeopardize their output is something that shows results immediately. A company where employees are given a sense of control over their own work makes them more productive.

Does your HR department follow these policies? Do you have fun at work? What else would you want us to add? Let us know.

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