7 Things that forces a good employees to quit

Why Employees Quit

We have heard this many times that Boss keeps on complaining about the best employees leaving the organisations , they really have something to complain about- cost, poor results and employees walking out of the door.

Managers tend to blame their turnover problems on the employee, which proofs the saying that: “People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers“.

The sad thing is that this can easily be avoided. All that’s required is a new perspective and some extra effort on the manager’s part.

Lets see what are the reasons that force a good employee to leave-

1. The Overwork

Bosses thinks people working under them are not Humans. they overburdened them lots and lots of work, which not only disturbs employee’s work life but also there personal life.
Overwork make employee feel like he is exploited for the various reasons which results in decrease in productivity of an employee.

2. Lack of Appreciation

It is easy to underestimate someone’s talent especially the one who is the top performer in the organization, he is motivated to do the work excellently but the inner environment of the organization demotivate him. Work hard with results , still no appreciation or awards makes employee feel demotivated. Sometimes this happens that employee gives 100% but doesn’t servers the manager’s expectations, results in degradation of the employee skills.

3. Relationship with BOSS

More than half of the employees leave jobs because of their relationship with their boss. Boss may expect a lot but should also see where his employee is standing , what problems he is facing and how they both can solve this problem without being a trouble for each other.

4. They Don’t Honour Their Commitments

Making promises to people places you on the fine line that lies between making them very happy and watching them walk out the door. When you uphold a commitment, you grow in the eyes of your employees because you prove yourself to be trustworthy and honourable, but when you disregard your commitment, you come across as uncaring, and disrespectful. After all, if your boss doesn’t keep his or her commitments, why should others do?

5. They Hire But Do Not Promote 

Good, hard-working employees want to work in a good professional environment but when managers promise to promote at the point of time based on the performance, still do not honour the promise, leads to disappoint the employee which results in lack of performance. Sometime even due to relations, Boss promotes the wrong person and discards the deserver. In this situations employee prefer to leave the job instead of continuing it.

6. They Don’t Let People Pursue Their Passions

Talented employees are passionate. Manager kills the passion by assigning the wrong task to the wrong person which leads in troubling the employee, Kills his passion and results in walking out of the organization.

7. They Fail to Engage Their Creativity

The talented employees seek to improve everything they touch. If you take away their ability to improve and enhance things because of your own comfort status,  makes them hate their jobs.


Written by- Rachna Malik

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