6 Phrases You Should Never Put on Your Resume

resume word mistakes

In today’s competitive business we all know how difficult it is to find a job. In order to find the right candidate, hiring manager in various organizations has to go through a lot of resumes for one single position. You may create a resume that shows competence and intelligence, but certain buzzwords may ruin your resume and your chances of getting the job. Let’s have a look at the most common phrases and buzzwords that a candidate should avoid while preparing their resume:

References available upon request: — When you are creating a resume you have to see that certain words and phrases should not be included in this professional document. One of the most common phrase being “reference available by request”. By adding this phrase to your resume you are clearly wasting a lot of space in your resume and secondly if the hiring manager is interested in finding your references, they will directly ask this information from you. This is something which is clearly understood by the hiring manager.

Clichés: – Using action words in your resume is an effective strategy for highlighting accomplishments as well as for making you a stronger candidate .However it  is seen that candidate when creating a resume tend to overuse few words that they are now seen as clichés and have lost their impact altogether. Few such words are team player, innovative, hardworking, outstanding, effective etc. A hiring manager while going through your resume will definitely not like all these words mentioned. Instead try and list down real facts about your past jobs or the specific ways in which you helped your organization become successful.

Objective: – While preparing your resume never mention your objective. It has been seen that hiring managers usually do bother for a candidate’s objective. They only want to know how your skills will be helpful for their company. Differentiate yourself by uniquely describing what you have accomplished in your career and back it up with concrete examples of your work.

Love: – As a hiring manager we tend to see such phrases like I’d love to work for a company. You love your significant other, your kids, your family. You shouldn’t put love on a cover letter or résumé.

Experience: – Experience is something that just occurs to you, not something you achieve. Describe your background in terms of what you have achieved for your previous company.

Salary negotiable: – By adding this phrase to your resume you are stating the obvious and shows that you have nothing to say or talk about in your resume. If your salary is not negotiable, that would be somewhat unusual.

Your resume should depict the skills and the talent you have that can be of an added value to the company and for the positions to which you apply.If the words you choose in your resume weakly represent your individual talents and work experiences, take them out.


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