5 ways to improve company’s working culture

There is always some scope of improvement in the corporate culture, and if you are failing to set up high standards for a healthy corporate culture, the odds are it could result into poor recruitment and staff retention rate.

Plenty of companies understand the significance of a healthy working environment and spend a considerable amount of time to make sure that their dogma behind company culture are loud and clear. Not all companies could boast of having a great culture, and if it has been the same way for long, it could be pretty tough to change the things from the roots.

Organizations with a well-defined and sturdy culture enjoy numerous advantages that become instrumental in achieving business goals and smoother functioning at all the levels of the organizational hierarchy. Some of the most notable improvements could be observed in the following areas:


Employee Retention: A company that values it’s workers and consider their contribution as the most influential factor in the success, are actually boosting their morale and ensuring maximum engagement and loyalty from the staff, thus shooting the employee retention rate high.

Reputation: A blissful company culture reflects the internal strengths of the organization. A company having a positive reputation among the potential workers could attract talented and skilled workers.

Productivity: A boosted morale of the employees in your organization that promotes healthy working culture could increase the productivity. The enhancement in productivity brings about an improvement in the financial health and increased profits.

Quality: There will be a dramatic rise in the overall quality of the products and services. A company that values high standards of culture, are successful in creating an atmosphere for the employees that enables them to deliver optimal quality.

You simply can’t send out a memo or impose a new policy that all of a sudden changes the values, core beliefs, attitudes and actions. The gradual turnover of the culture will require leaders who could lead from the front with an honest and consistent approach. However, that is just the point of beginning.

In order to identify what a good company culture is, you will need to contemplate the indications of a bad culture and its characteristics. The most common symptoms are:

. Unenthusiastic management

· Lack of transparency

· Failure to address unhealthy issues that affect the workforce

· Rewards unethical behavior

A poor company culture is the workshop of low morale, loss of productivity, and a probable loss of revenue. These symptoms could be avoided in the following ways.

How Your Company Could Improve Working Culture

1.Define: If there are several leaders contributing in various functions of the organization, you may not at once get a positive nod on the desired work culture. In such a case, there will be some tough meetings among the core decision makers in order to arrive at accordance.

It is essential to put the agreed vision into writing in order to make it successful. When the key decision makers arrive at a decision, the dialogue will stay verbal. Thus, there could be different perceptions about what has been agreed upon. So, it is strongly recommended to document the vision that will help all the people inside the organization stay on the same track.

2. Communicate: Gossips and rumors become a common trait inside the organization with a dysfunctional culture. It isn’t necessary for the leaders to share all the confidential information of the organization, however they could never be dishonest in whatever details they share with the employees. Imprecise or vague communications will create a sense of doubt amongst the employees resulting into distrust.

In addition to the objectives of the company, the core vision of the company culture should be communicated and provided in the documented form so that the workforce could perform based on the given guidelines. It is a common understanding that people are dependent on you, and when they are given information about what is expected from them, they feel that they have a bigger role to play in the transformation.

3. Invite: Open communication is like a 2-way traffic that should be smoothened, otherwise the functions of the organizations could experience a jam. It is not necessary that all the ideas will get life at the top level. You could invite the fresh perspectives of the employees, as their experience within the organization or other places they have worked in will provide some useful insights about how a particular process could be altered.
In a bad working culture, employees are afraid of taking the initiatives, because they feel that they would have to face some harsh consequences. The signs of a healthy working culture are evident when you encourage out-of-the-box thinking from your employees.

The initiative to invite opinions from the employees will only be successful when you address their concerns. The employees should be confident that the higher management is willing to listen from them and will implement new strategies where a certain vulnerability or opportunity is noticed.

4.Measure: Once the main elements of the desired culture are identified with the top leaders, employees, and other people inside the higher management that have been documented, it’s time to measure how successful have they been in reality. The key metrics to measure here would be the likes of “fun” and “supportiveness.”

Any result-centric process tends to fetch good results, and you could do the same with your culture. The judgement will be given by those who have taken part in the redefined values of the company culture. Your company could gather the ratings from the people on how much fun they had or support they got at the end of every shift and see what the results are.

5.Reward: Once the requirement of the company culture is precisely defined, you could applaud the efforts of an employee who has taken the right measures to follow the vision and reward them for leading from the front. You could also take time to celebrate the anniversaries of the employees who have worked hard for your company. With the understanding that each and every employee is contributing in one way or the other, you are ensuring that none of the employees are taken for g ..

Conclusion: One look at the employees in your organization, and it would be evident whether the work culture is healthy or not. The signs of a healthy culture will be obvious from the smooth running of various operations, highly motivated employees who are always energetic, and there is a sense of excitement that shows optimism about the future.
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