The 5 Traits the Best Staffing Recruiters Have in Common

The 5 Traits the Best Staffing Recruiters  Have in Common

Every recruiter in this world is different. Each and every recruiter have their own methods for attracting the charming candidates and clients and then making the perfect match between the two.

However, when you look at the finest recruiters in the industry, it turns out that they have many common denominators. And to perform well, it obviously makes sense that everyone in the profession (same) to mirror them.

Take a look at the seven common traits which the top recruiters share. Which of the following traits do you need to adapt or improve?

1. They always consider the client’s and candidate perspective:

Top recruiters see the services (which they offer) from the eyes of the people they serve. And by keeping that in mind, they locate themselves to focus  mainly on the WIIFM (What’s In It for me) of their clients and candidates.

To do this, they cease from selling their services up until they have asked enough questions to define the challenges or issues which keep their clients or candidates up at night.

Always remember, it's not your work to agree or disagree with your candidates or clients. Listen to them; understand from where are they coming and then present yourself as the solution.

2. They build lasting relationships:

The best recruiters in town have very strong relations with their clients, who very often become their friends. All of them act as a confidential sounding board and are given respect as a workplace/workforce expert. Also, they talk to their clients on a regular basis, even when they aren’t working on an existing business.

The most successful recruiters have realized that their candidates would prefer to talk about anything, rather than to listen to them. They also encourage their candidates so that they talk about themselves and start sharing personal facts/experiences, which ultimately impacts their career decisions.

Following three questions that candidates are clients are concerned about:

1. Do you care about me?

2. Can I trust you?

3. Will you do what you promise?

3. They are specialised:

One of the best advantages of the staffing profession is that you could specialize in a niche market. Top recruiters limit their focus to less than ten job titles. They pipeline the top talented people in advance with those special ten titles, allowing them to present the best of the best candidate sooner and quicker than their competition. They promote their areas of specialization on social media platforms like their LinkedIn Profile, website and many more.

Both the candidates and clients want to work with someone whom they think an expert. When you specialize yourself, you post yourself as an expert in that specific niche.

4. They prioritize to that which gives them results:

The finest recruiters understand the importance of proactive planning. They don’t waste a single second working on those assignments, orders or contracts that are titled as mission impossible. They provide useful resources for the 95% of candidates whom they attract and focus only 5% they will place.

5. They use both new and old technology:

Technology has transformed the profession of recruitment forever. The top recruiters have understood the importance of high technology and utilize their CRM systems and other latest technology to make them more efficient.

However, they have not forgotten the significance of being in touch. Meaning, they pick up phone calls and really talk to candidates and clients. You cannot establish a strong relation based on trust if you communicate via email or text only.

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