5 Fundamentals That Can Make You A Better Manager


When it comes to management, people believe in fundamentals more than fancy.  There’s nothing wrong with, like, presentation skills which spellbinds an audience, however when it comes to operational effectiveness, there are chances that it will be determined by how nicely you execute all the fundamentals day in & day out.

1. Always be open to new ways of looking at things - The best of the managers are adaptable, flexible, and closely connected with their environment.  They are always in search for opportunities. Good listener.  Most of the best process improvement ideas come from employees in the channels, as they are the ones who are closest to the actual work.

2. Expect excellence – They set high (not unattainable) standards and expect their employees to meet them.  The best of the managers are not those who are the “toughest” or “nicest, “however those who get the best results out from the people in their charge. If your employees see that you demand for excellence from yourself, they are more likely to find it in themselves.

3. Making sure that your employees know clearly where they need to focus - About those high standards be sure that the objectives of your employees’ job clearly reflect them. Well- conceived and measurable employee objectives are a manager’s best friend. If created considerately at the starting of the year, the objectives will be a valuable guide for the both employees and manager as the year roll outs.

4. Protecting your time as if it were gold– Time is an underrated however crucial asset of management, which is essential for thoughtful decision making.   Managers are continuously being pulled in too many directions. The most effective executives protect their schedules carefully. They do what they need to do, however they prioritize well, delegate effectively, and leave themselves with sufficient time for thinking carefully through what they most needed to.

5. Communicate regularly by providing meaningful feedback in real time – Effective communication may sound a little common statement, however that is because it is so fundamentally management style.  Strong managers are constantly excellent communicators. To provide ample feedbacks (both positive and negative) is an essential skill.  Start making yourself available to those things which you can manage.  Start being there, being present at that time and being accessible.


Blog By- Hemangini Mahajan

YOMA Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

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