4 Crazy Recruiting Hacks You Need To Know

softwareWith the availability of different sourcing tools out there it has become easy to waste hours and hours of time fixing around and accomplishing nothing. So below are 4 tools identified to help the recruiters and waste less time.

1) Email Hunter:

It is a Chrome Extension which works with LinkedIn by helping you identify a person’s email address right on LinkedIn. This is a free and super easy tool to use. Once you have downloaded the extension and start browsing LinkedIn, you will notice that on each profile an orange button. Once you click this orange button Email Hunter will suggest the most accurate email for that person.

2) Aero leads:

An aero lead is an awesome tool for email discovery and email list building. An aero lead is also a Chrome Extension. Aero leads works with LinkedIn (premium also) however not so good with LinkedIn Recruiter.

When you start a search on LinkedIn and begin to identify people which match your criteria for search, you can then easily export that list into Aeroleads. Aeroleads will automatically verify the email addresses of everybody on that list. You also have the option to export all prospects’ information to a spread sheet. The information includes, name, company, title, email, LinkedIn profile link, location and more.

3) Rapportive:

If you are a recruiter and you don't know about Rapportive you should start looking for that son. Rapportive is another chrome extension which will allow you to see somebody’s profile on LinkedIn, even when you are emailing them. You can also use Rapportive for identifying someone’s email address that you don’t have.

4) Found.ly:

Found.ly is a tool similar to Aeroleads. It’s a lead generation tool which has some great and countless features for building lists and developing leads and also identifying email addresses. The user interface is a bit easier to use than Aeroleads, however it will take some time to get set up and registered.


Blog By- Hemangini Mahajan

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