Permanent Recruitment

Our recruitment solutions will help you not just hiring the right candidate but also help in administering the right organizational and cultural fit. We just do not stop here; we identify a new employee's span of control and the key behavioral indicators and Read More

YOMA Multinational offers corporate payroll processing services to organizations with all type of setups. We take care of entire payroll processing activities, including salary processing, leave calculation, PF, ESI & IT deduction and associated MIS and Read More
Temporary Sourcing

Temporary Staffing is an ideal solution for organizations that are in need of urgent work force due to lack of permanent staff. YOMA offers a single window to your Temporary staffing and Recruitment solutions Pan India. We provide a standard and... Read More
About Us

YOMA Multinational, a sincere initiative of YOMA Corp, has been constantly aiming at leveraging the present day complex HR landscape by offering smart and unique HR outsourcing solutions to numerous companies in India and abroad. YOMA Corp has been in this field for last 15 glorious years and is much optimistic about YOMA Multinational's capability to bring in a remarkable change in the state of HR Process Outsourcing in India.

YOMA Multinational Solutions LLP is an initiative of YOMA Corp and has been operating in the Indian market for the last 15 years. We represent some of the biggest and the most respected training/consulting companies like DOOR Training & Consulting, Ken Blanchard Companies and VitalSmarts. Read More

Are You Really Ready to Hire an Employee?
One of the most common mistakes that businesses make is hiring employees before they're ready. You think you need staff, but soon after hiring, you realize you're over your head, the new employee isn'
Read More

Career Moves: Take Charge of Your Life
Career movesRead More

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